Wedding Faq's!

Q: How are your collections structured?
A: Coverage ranges from four to ten hours, with the ability to add more time. The Leather Collection has everything you'll need - from a second photographer, A Wedding Album (custom created), and ten bomb hours with yours truly.  

Q: If we book, is Rebecca McCallum photographing our wedding? 
A: YEP! I am self run. In the case of an emergency I do have some incredible people that will be able to take over if need be.

Q: Have you shot at my venue before? 
A: Possibly, but personally I find new venues to be exciting! As well as an awesome opportunity for my clients. As my images would be approached with a new eye and your images will be totally different from pervious weddings held at the venue.  

Q: Will you do a venue walkthrough?
A: It depends. Venue walkthroughs are typically a waste of time. The weather will be different on your wedding day, a room may not be available, or the dang catering van could be ruining a backdrop you had in mind. I do think it's best we go into your wedding day with fresh eyes and creative hearts. For clients insisting on a venue walkthrough, an additional hourly fee will be invoiced. 

Q: Do you travel?
A: YES! For weddings in Montana, Georgia, The PNW, Texas, and California Ill even waive the travel fee! Ask about my bucket list locations to receive a discount as well! There is no travel fee for venues within two hours driving time on zip code 33065. 

Q: Do you work with another photographer? 
A: I will sometimes have an assistant with me, and second photographers are available should you feel the need for more coverage. Adding a second photographer will yield about 20% more images, alternate angles, and can help alleviate the tight timeline of your wedding day. My Leather collection includes a second photographer, but note additional staff cannot be cancelled within six weeks of your wedding date. 

Q: How about video? 
A: Not currently, but I do have a list of trusted videographers and cinematographers that I love working with. Videographer referrals are given after booking. 

Q: What type of gear do you use? 
A. What's in my bag? One Canon 5Diii a 6d, some lenses, some flashes. It's all professional-grade gear (and backup gear!) Oh and granola bars. 

Q: When will we get our photos?
A: My wedding clients usually receive the link to their online gallery within four to 6 weeks. The images are high resolution, original size, and non-watermarked. Clients are given a personal print release so they may print where they'd like. Albums, prints, and wall art are delivered within six weeks of placing your order. Your online gallery will be live for 90 days. Family sessions are typically delivered within ten business days.