Pam and Xavi | Broward Wedding Photographer

It's not often you find brides you click with off the bat. Who you know trust you and your vision fully for their big day. But when I do I get super nervous to deliver photos as I always want my clients to be beyond happy with the product. The moment I met Pam i knew we were going to have a great experience together. From planning ideas to learning more about her and her soon to be hubby. The process was a breeze and I loved every minute of it. Please enjoy some of my favorite moments from her day. 

Lauderhill Country Club wedding
Lauderhill Country Club Wedding
Bride and groom Portrait session

When I am welcomed and feel like one of the wedding party I know its going to be a good day. Pam and Xavi's wedding party were so responsive to my presence and having fun.  If you're not laughing you're missing out is my motto. 

South Florida wedding