Alex and Melinda | Beach House Brunch Destination Wedding, Destin FL

Alex and Melinda’s Beach house brunch wedding in Destin, Florida was a full of colorful decor; and gray skies. Shooting a wedding during a hurricane truly captured the unpredictableness of throwing a Florida wedding! We were able to make the best of the storm (with safety in mind of course). While grabbing a cup of Joe at Alex and Melinda’s coffee bar made this rainy day all the more cozy. Many Florida couples know the risk of throwing a wedding during hurricane season, and it's always a great idea to have a Plan B for ceremony and reception locations. Lucky for this couple they were able to hold all their celebrations in a beautiful home close to the sand and surf!  

Alex and Melinda wanted to incorporate Native American traditions to celebrate their roots and and family ties. Including family or cultural traditions is a sensational way to truly make a wedding distinguishably yours. Alex and Melinda had the most incredible family by their side, from Alex's colleague and best friend Lina as the most stylish officiant I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, to their Grandmother performing a traditional sage ceremony with a family heirloom blanket. 


Alex’s advice for weddings? Start early! that way you have the whole day to party with family, friends, and your new spouse of course!  Starting early also means you get to have pancakes as your wedding cake, and there's just no beating that! 

Taking pictures with unflattering weather as your background does take a bit of trust in your photographer. I love that this incredible couple was able to go with the flow (or more like where the wind took them!) and embraced not only the windy air but the cloudy skies as well to create insanely gorgeous and memorable wedding pictures. While embracing the joy of being newlyweds in every smile filled photo! 


Best Wishes to Melinda and Alex!



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