Family Photographer Miami, Florida

In-home family sessions give me life!!! I’m obsessed with the beautiful natural light, plus kids tend to feel more comfortable in their own homes ( OH! Can’t forget the ANIMALS!!!!) This in-home family session was freaking incredible! If you’re looking for a family photographer, you should definitely hit me up as family sessions are slowly becoming my favorite to photograph.

I have known Jessica for…ever. We were in youth group together (she was in high school and I was in middle school) and I always looked up to her as she’s an incredible and strong woman. I was so excited to photograph her sassy and independent little one.

For family sessions, I always ask parents when the most cooperative part of their child’s day is. In this case, after her first nap was when mom felt she was at her best. We welcomed her with lots of kisses and of course the dreaded diaper change :p.

I say lunchtime is always the best! Why? Because, ONE CAN’T HELP BUT TO MAKE WEIRD FACES! Try it… I bet you can’t help but to make chewing faces while you attempt to get your little to eat.

I believe every family session needs a little wrestling and it’s never too early to start. I always love to finish on a good/quiet note for all my family sessions. This family session was no different, so we took to the couch for a little book time. I had so much fun photographing this family and can’t wait to photograph yours!